OZ1000T Disinfection unit

Effective Air and Surface Cleaner without the use of chemicals

The OZ1000T is 99.9% effective on virus, mould, bacteria, fungi and odour. Ozone has been proven to kill SARS corona virus in 17 separate studies. As the structure of the new corona virus is almost identical it is relatively safe to say it will also kill the new corona virus.


The OZ1000T is perfect for use in car dealerships, Hotels and Business that require frequent use in short spaces of time. Most hotels just use Conventional air-sprays just cover up and mask the problems that really lie beneath and may be inconvenient for guests who suffer with asthma or allergies. It is more important to eradicate these odours completely at the source and remove their presence in the room.


This will help contribute to customer satisfaction and long term Loyalty.

Price of the machinery – €795.00 (EX VAT @23%).



  • Stop Coronavirus from spreading (Kills 99.9% of virus on surfaces and in the air)
  • Based on UVC and Ozone technology proven to kill virus and unwanted bacteria.
  • Proven to extend the shelf life of fruit and veg and other food products by eliminating mold and bacteria.
  • Recommended for use where people are NOT present and especially where risk of disease spreading is high
  • Covers 125m³ or 625sq ft


Areas suited for this machine:


  • Residential homes, Car dealers, hotels, restaurants, Apt blocks, Police stations, wastewater plants, Gyms
  • Can be used in conjunction with MAC500, OZ2000 or bigger to optimize
  • Any environment where people or Animals are NOT
  • In conjunction with Covid-19 measures and cleaning/safety systems