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Sanitise Hotel Rooms and Restaurant with Ozone UVC


Do your guests have fresh, clean, hygienised air? Removing bad smells from kitchens and restaurant have never been easier.


Regenerate the air in each of your hotel rooms with Oxone UVC and remove the pathogen agents that cause infections and diseases.

Sanitise Your Hotel with Ozone UVC


It removes bacteria, mites, molds, fungus, spores, yeasts, pollens and it inactivates viruses


It removes the bad odours of perspiration, mould and fungus smells


It kills volatile residue left by chemical detergents


It repels insects such as mosquitos, cockroaches, flies, ants and bedbugs


Sterilising with Ozone UVC is ideal for hotels, B & B’s, guest houses and also general accommodating structures.

Sanitizing The Air


Ozone UVC is highly recommended to sanitize surfaces, walls, furniture, objects and fabrics such as curtains, pillows, carpets and chairs.


Sanitizing the air in storage rooms, food prep areas, hotel rooms and reception area.

Sanitizing your workplaces and common area’s


The MAC500 unit will keep your air clean and improve your working conditions in the same process.


Using this in conjunction with our OZ1000/2000 range can give you and your customers the satisfaction that 99.9% of bacteria and viruses are being killed.

Conservation of food


Ozone UVC is highly recommended to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination of food.


With its oxidative properties they will help block the proliferation of bacteria and moulds, slowing down the deterioration helping with the conservation of food.

Ozone UVC


Ozone UVC is being used by business across the world to disinfect surfaces and improve the standard of air in the workplace.

It is proven in scientific studies to reduce viral spread of infection and to decrease the amount of days lost through illness. It helps both staff and clients with respiratory issues and kills mold, fungi and spores.


The first thing any guests notice when they enter there room is the hygiene and cleanliness. The sanitation of every room removes the odour and perspiration of people who stayed previously. This recreates a deeply deodorised and decontaminated environment, ready to host your next guest. Sanitising with Ozone UVC shows a respect of care to your hotel guests for staff.


Stops the spread of infections and increases the comfort of the rooms


The rooms and restaurant will be fresh for clients and staff


Adheres to health protection and safety in the work places


It contributes to the rules about food products hygiene and safety HACCP L. 155/2007


Simplify the achievement of the certifications EMAS-ISO14001 e ISO14000


It reduces food spoilage and contamination of other foods

Sanitise with Ozone UVC?


Being a Hyspec Eco Ozone UVC customer is an unmistakable indication of greatness and ability, which recognises you from the competition and demonstrates how you care for your clients and staff’s well being.


Improve the safety and also boost the reputation of your hotel by using Hyspec Eco Ozone UVC products.